Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sharon Cuneta latest news

Sharon Cuneta THIS threatens that he will be canceled if will not stop him the bashers him on Twitter.The feeling we had will be canceled and he once for all to tell the public the real reason for divorce by KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual. Sharon is feeling because of Kelly's fans Nambu-bullies him on Twitter. Because he has filled out what the call to him. And one point that is called on them to prove abortionists.Mahirap mother of Piolo fans that cried negative tweet of the Megastar. Difficult to get proof. And if fans who 'Yon's Kelly, no actor can do because he held them we leeg.While Understand Sharon's plight, he should not pinatulan the bum kanya.Paano tweets now if he does not pursue Papa his threat, eh, does not he just laughed especially as he bashers Twitter? MAY LEARN Sharon's Mikael Daez When it comes to dealing with bashers on Twitter.Since vogue now the bashing of celebrities on social networking sites, we asked him about His opinion on the matter. He says, he papatulan any mangba-bash him in any social networking sites. "The social media big help 'yan. But of course, something so powerful that such could also iabuso for evil. I happen 'Yon. I, okay I tell if negative packing orderly manner. But of course those who were not properly telling no way I just ignored. It's either that or teach you. Those who else therein a million 'followers I scold them all so hard. I stand there, I just use 'my social media properly, "explains the hunk actor talent of Mercator.

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