Tuesday, 16 October 2012

ABS-CBN Christmas Theme Song 2012

MANILA, Philippines -- "Kwento metric weight unit Pasko," the complete theme song of ABS-CBN's extremely anticipated Christmas station ID for 2012, has been free on-line. A sub-rosa recording of the music video was uploaded on ABS-CBN's official account on YouTube. Robert Labayen composed the song. Composed by Marcus Davis Jnr. & Amber Davis, "Kwento metric weight unit Pasko," as seen within the video, was performed by many Kapamilya singing skills, together with Nyoy Violante, Angeline Quinto, Vina Morales, Martin Nievera, wife Indian chieftain & Zsa Zsa Padilla.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tropical storm Marce, further strengthened

Further robust tropical storm currently Marce additional moving picture whereas its share of the West Philippine Sea. The storm was last noticed within the distance of 310 kilometers to the west of the opposite, Zambales and with most winds of seventy five kilometers per hour (kph) close to the middle and pagbugsong reaching ninety km/h. Maybe block the progress of the storm on the 07 km/h south-east. As a result, potential reportedly takes 3 days on the impact of tropical storm. The outer rainbands of the storm UN agency brings rain to the geographical region of island, from Ilocos Provinces to Batangas and Mindoro as well as Lubang Island. "Estimated rain quantity is from 10-25 millimetre per hour (moderate - intense) among the four hundred kilometre diameter of the Tropical Storm." He same the storm conjointly intensify the southwest monsoon or monsoon which can bring cloudy and rain in Northern island, Zambales, Bataan, Bulacan, underground Manila, Cavite and lagoon. Also suggested the fishermen and service ships to avoid sailing initial western coast of island, as well as Ilocos Provinces, Pangasinan, Zambales, Bataan, Mindoro and Cavite as a result of the potential growth of the waves within the ocean. "Southwest Monsoon increased by the Tropical Storm can still bring moderate to serious rains in Central ... Fishing boats and alternative tiny seacrafts ar suggested to not venture out into the western coast of island as a result of massive waves generated by Tropical Storm" Marce ".

What Is Cybercrime Law?

First thing that must occur is to outline law-breaking… Is it simply hacking? What regarding web auction fraud? What regarding cyberstalking or cyberbullying? Let’s not forget kid exploitation offenses like kid porno or travelers. the price take issue relying upon what law-breaking is outlined as… There will be money prices, emotional prices, & in some cases physical hurt.. Even death. Contrary to at least one comment, one does not need to be a techno genius. really youngsters square measure ready to counterfeit cash, commit fraud, even turn out kid porno due to computers. These styles of crimes were inaudible by juveniles before computers. Even a denial of service attack be will finished straightforward programs found on line. enforcement faces numbers problems with these case. grouping digital proof is one. Great care, expertise, coaching & instrumentality is usually required therefore it will be accustomed prosecute the bad person. These areas don’t seem to be static however still modification as technology changes. One facet that differs from ancient crimes is that the victim & bad person do not even need to placed within the same location throughout the crime. Cyber offenders ofttimes commit fraud against victims in alternative countries. This makes catching them tougher & lots of jurisdictions can stop the investigation once it’s learned the bad person isn’t placed in their jurisdiction. Freqeuntly an outsized loss or.phyical hurt needs to be concerned. native enforcement within the states can flip over to Feds, that once more can priortize based mostly up loss & hurt. enforcement is recovering as an entire in operating these cases. Probation & parole officers currently should intensify their game because the law-breaking bad person, once caught won’t be captive forever. we tend to additionally would like additional cooperation between countries on these cases.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mga Ibat Ibang Awiting Pamasko Ng Pilipinas

The tradition began pangangaroling in the Philippines during the Spanish. Not the result of a true culture of Filipinos since the Spanish brought it from Europe. But in the long run, given this local color to become part of the celebration of Christmas in the country.

"Pasko na Naman"

Gawa ni Felipe de Leon ang pamaskong awiting ito. Si Levi Celerio ang nagsulat ng mga titik. Ang mensahe ng awitin ay ang pagsapit ng Pasko na siyang dapat na ipagdiwang. May isang artikulo galing sa Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) ang nagsasabing si Pablo Vergara, isang musikero at manunulat ng kanta, ang gumawa ng awiting ito.

Taong 1973 lumabas ang unang commercial recording ng kantang ito. Ang Filipinas Singers ang umawit habang ang si Doming Amarillo ang nag-areglo. Muli itong ginawan ng plaka noong 1984 kung saan si Celeste Legaspi ang umawit. Sa 2003, inilabas ang mas modernong bersyon ni Gloc 9.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs Iran Jones Cup 2012

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) -- Smart-Gilas Pilipinas II bounced back from a loss to Lebanon with a smashing persuade defensive champion Iran for a share of the lead within the thirty fourth William Jones Cup Fri in Taipeh.

Following a 91-72 loss to Lebanon on Thursday, the nationals eked out a 77-75 win against the powerful champion.

Gilas’ Gabe Norwood, UN agency tallied seventeen points, was named Player of the sport.