Monday, 26 March 2012

Denise Laurel Latest News 2012

After 6 months she already gave birth, actress Denise Laurel & she still does not have plans of getting married soon.In an interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Laurel maintained that she & the father of her son are okay but they just want to take things one step at a time.
“He is a good dad. He still provides, he is still there for us. It’s just that it’s hard when you guys are in two different countries. Traveling here & there & everywhere is just difficult,” she told.Laurel {said|told} she is making sure that her son will have the kind of father that she had.
“My dad is so amazing. I need somebody who’s more man than my dad & me to take care of my son,” she told.“I’m still not married, I’m a single mother but there’s no big deal about that. Nagi-guilty ako minsan kasi parang ang selfish ko pero kapag tinitignan ko kasi ang mommy & daddy ko & ang childhood na nagkaroon ako, tumaas ang standards ko para sa anak ko. I want him to have a full family. When God permits it, I will have my full family,” she told.Laurel told she is completely happy with what is happening to her life right now.The actress told it was when she held her son in her arms that she realized what true love is.“When I saw him, tears were running down & I told this is how much God loves me & I now have this responsibility to show you how much God loves you,” she told.

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